Browse the dresses Fridays

We are so excited to start our once a month "Browse the dress" Fridays! This will give you the opportunity to see the collection before you commit to booking an appointment. You will not be able to try on the dresses on the day as we recommend a one hour consultation, where you can try on as many dresses. This way we can also give our 100% attention.

We have had few questions from our brides asking why we charge for our appointments. We did not take this decision slightlly and were in fact debating for 6 months whether to go ahead. At the end, the decision was easy to make. Charging for the appointments is not a money making method for us. We are not a traditional showroom as we only stock our own brand and make all products in-house. When we are not seeing customers, we are sewing and pattern cutting which means that we must plan our days carefully. We do not have a dedicated person just serving customers. Our customers will benefit from the knowledge of our experienced member of staff who understand garment construction and design. Hence we allow customers to make changes to our designs and are also able to make be-spoke designs.

When we were not charging, customers often did not bother to cancel the appointment so they were wasting our time. This was worse on the weekends as Saturday slots are always much wanted. So we were wasting lots of time and it hugely disrupted our days. 

By charging our customers, this no longer happens as customers cancel their appointment if they are not able to come. In these cases, we always make a full refund. The charge is also redeemed against purchase. 

I really do hope this clarifies why we decided to start charging. I look forward to seeing you on the 29th and have a glass of Kombucha with me :)

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