Introducing our second little model Kristiina

Since the age 2, Kristiina has been very much part of the children's collection. As my lovely daughter, she is the inspiration behind the collection with her endless stories, cute bedroom and wild imagination.

Despite her busy schedule of playing, she was more than happy to share some throughts with us!

How old are you?

I am six years old

Who are your best friends?

Erin and Neve

What is your favourite movie?

Despicable me and Mamma Mia

What is your favourite animal?

Horses, dogs and all animals

Favourite food?

Pizza and Risotto

What do you love doing?

Drawings, writing, gardening, horse riding

Anything you want to tell us about you?

After school is swim and it is very fun. Sometimes I have hot chocolate. And I play with my little brother Hayden

Thank you Kristiina!

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