In love with a location...........

For me, location is the key for a successful photoshoot. This location in my home town Joensuu must be my absolute favourite one so far. I felt very nostalgic as I know this place so well. I used to walk my dog Renny here and enjoy the peace and quietness and a stunning scenery. LIttle did I know that 15 years later, I would return here to shoot some dresses from my ew collection.

With photographer Risto Takala and stunning models Sonja Sorsa and Henna Korkalo, we took off at 7pm. The evening light was stunning and just right. It all would have been perfect without the mosquitos and vicious ants that were after us the whole evening. Despite this, both models managed to look ethereal and serene!!!

We did a film, which is coming out in August, cannot wait to share it!


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