The lovely Marianne Taylor

I feel so lucky to be able to work with some amazing and talented people. Marianne Taylor, one of the most respected and talented wedding photographers out there, is one of those people that I have been lucky to get to know.

I did a beloved session with her a year ago and the results where the most amazing pictures ever. This reminds me how important it is to invest on a good photographer to document your wedding day.

It takes me back to 10 years, the day when I got married to my lovely Canadian husband. We got married in Finland and finding a photographer proved to be difficult. The photographer who was meant to shoot our wedding cancelled at the last minute and recommended a friend. As it was very last minute, I never got the change to look at her portfolio ( if it even existed) and just had to take my chances. From the beginning, things started going wrong. She missed the boat, which was meant to take her to the island where our wedding took place. During the ceremony, she and her husband ( who was assisting) were nowhere to be seen ( when I received the pictures, I realised that they were right at the other end of the church so in the pictures, you could hardly see me and my husband), after the church they never took charge so me and my husband had to figure out how to get some lovely pictures. We were randomly wondering around the church, looking a bit lost, while the photographer and her assistant husband followed us like two lost puppies.

Reception pictures were blurry and none of the lovely details of the beautiful location where we got married, were documented. It makes me so sad to even think about it. Luckily we had an amazing talented photographer as a quest and he saved the day withi his lovey pictures!

Needless to say, the only pictures of me and my husband in the house, are the ones that Marianne Taylor took. I see our session with her as something of renewing our wedding wows, which in fact is something we are going to be doing this summer. It has been 10 years since we got married and I am currently designing the dress I am going to be wearing!!!!

A lovely article about Marianne, can be read on Finnish Mennaan Naimisiin magazine.

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